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Frequently Asked Questions  

Paint Booth Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the spray booth come with?
The spray booth comes with the fan, motor, lights, manometer draft gauge, first set of filters and all the necessary hardware and instructions for assembly.
2. Do I need to buy anything else with this booth?
Yes. You will need to purchase exhaust duct and a control panel. You can get these items locally but it is usually less expensive and more convenient to buy it from us. You may also be required to install fire suppression in your paint booth.
3. What are your spray booths made out of?
All of our spray booths are made of 18-gauge galvanized steel.
4. Is the paint booth powder coated?
All paint booths come standard with the 18-gauge galvanized steel finish. Powder coating is available for an extra charge and will generally add 1 – 2 weeks to the lead time.
5. Does the booth come with fire suppression?
We offer fire suppression systems, with installation, for all of the paint booths we supply. Just ask your sales representative to add fire suppression to your quote. (In order to provide an accurate quote, we will need to know exactly how the exhaust duct will be configured. We will assist you with this if you’re not sure).
6. Will the booth run on single-phase power?
All booth motors (except for a few) come standard with a 3-phase 208/230/460V/60HZ motor. Single-phase motors are available (up to and including 7.5 HP) for a small charge.
7. How is the booth shipped and how long will it take to get once I order it?
Many models are in stock and can ship within 24 hours of ordering. Booths that are not in stock can take from 1 to 6 weeks to ship depending on the model and if it has to be drawn in the Engineering department before it can be produced. Once the booth is shipped via common freight carrier it will take 1 – 7 business days to get to your door, depending on where you are in the continental U.S. The booths are packed in wooden crates 10' long x 4' wide x 5' high. The three basic automotive paint booths require two crates and weigh a total of about 4500 pounds. Industrial booths require one to four crates depending on the booth size.
8. Do I need to have a forklift to unload the booth when it arrives?
Ideally you should have a forklift. If you cannot get one then a wrecker will work as well. If you cannot get either, you can break open the crates in the truck and unload the panels one at a time. You will need to make arrangements with the delivery driver if this is the case. Let us know and we can assist you in coordinating with the trucking company.
9. How long does it take to assemble the booth?
Automotive spray booths take a crew of three people 2 - 3 days to install. You should hire licensed contractors to install the exhaust duct and hook up the electrical.

Compliant Paint Booths is a national paint booth supplier specializing in automotive spray booths, including industrial, truck, furniture and wood finishing spray booths. Finish Pro also offers paint booth accessories such as paint booth filters, spray booth filters, intake filters, exhaust filters, exhust duct kits, paint and spray booth light fixtures and more. Our personnel have over 12 years experience in the paint booth and spray booth industry and are backed by a combined 100 years of factory experience. Our automotive paint booths are supplied with all the necessary hardware to meet the applicable requirements set by OSHA and NFPA for paint booth construction. What sets us apart from our competitors is our superior craftsmanship, vast experience, fanatical customer service and affordable pricing. Call us today at 800 609-6408.
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