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Powder Booth Filters

Powder Booth Two-Pocket Secondary Filter
Powder Booth Two-Pocket Secondary Filter
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Product details:

Powder booth filter - 20 x 20 x 12 Two-pocket Final Filter (2nd stage). The OSM-100 Powder Coating Filter gives powder users the ultimate in efficiency and flexibility.

This 100% extended surface filter is comprised of a 1” depth-loading polyester overspray media with a 95% synthetic backing. The replaceable insert is a 1” highly absorptive overspray media with high holding capacity and low air flow resistance. Combined, these products provide the maximum in longevity while assuring that the downstream air is free of most powder coating particles. The main cube is sewn to a heavy gauge wire which creates a self-sealing gasket when installed in a filter holding frame. This seal reduces powder bypass around the filter perimeter.

  • Reduces filter change–outs via multiple extended surface layers
  • Quick removal and replacement gives operators an immediate increase in air velocity
  • Overall removal efficiencies at 95% ASHRAE 52.1
  • Low combined air flow resistance (0.37” w.c. at 125 FPM)
  • Use with pre-filter blankets or pads

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