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10' wide x 7' high
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SKU: EC-1007

Exhaust chambers are designed for exhausting dust, harmful vapors and paint fumes. Available in a wide range of sizes to meet any production requirement. Custom sizes are also available.
Compare at: $3987
Our price: $3877
You save: $110
9'-8" wide x 8' high x 5' deep
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SKU: OF-1008

These open front booths are designed for batch-type or conveyorized production applications. Air is drawn into the open face of the booth, across the work area and through the filter bank in the rear wall.
Compare at: $5019
Our price: $4846
You save: $173
Crossdraft Automotive Spray Booth
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SKU: CD-140926

Our Crossdraft booth is the classic work-horse booth. Economically price and designed for years of reliability for all your painting needs.
Compare at: $10435
Our price: $9740
You save: $695
Semi-Downdraft Automotive Spray Booth
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SKU: MD-140926

Our most popular model, the Semi-Downdraft (also know as the "Semi-Crossdraft" has solid product doors and double intake filtration.
Compare at: $11569
Our price: $10798
You save: $771
Side Downdraft Automotive Spray Booth
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SKU: SDD-140926

The Side Downdraft booth is a smart choice for owners who want a downdraft but don't want to pay downdraft prices. Excellent air flow with no pit required!
Compare at: $14801
Our price: $13815
You save: $986
16' wide x 16' high x 34' deep
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SKU: CD-161634

Air flows through the filtered doors on one end of the booth, passes through the work area and into the exhaust chambers located in the corners at the opposite end of the booth. Filtered exhaust air is drawn through the exhaust plenum and is discharged upward into the atmosphere via the exhaust s...
Compare at: $27698
Our price: $25852
You save: $1846

Compliant Paint Booths is a national paint booth supplier specializing in automotive spray booths, including industrial, truck, furniture and wood finishing spray booths. Finish Pro also offers paint booth accessories such as paint booth filters, spray booth filters, intake filters, exhaust filters, exhust duct kits, paint and spray booth light fixtures and more. Our personnel have over 12 years experience in the paint booth and spray booth industry and are backed by a combined 100 years of factory experience. Our automotive paint booths are supplied with all the necessary hardware to meet the applicable requirements set by OSHA and NFPA for paint booth construction. What sets us apart from our competitors is our superior craftsmanship, vast experience, fanatical customer service and affordable pricing. Call us today at 800 609-6408.
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